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Dancing as Part of your Lifestyle

It is easier for people who already love and know how to dance to incorporate such a fun hobby as part of their lifestyle. Dancing activities could consist of fitness dance classes, specific style classes or even dancing while cleaning or cooking could be considered as a dance activity. Therefore, for people that were born with an innate talent for shaking their body to the rhythm of music, dancing could be considered as having a shortcut towards happiness, stress relief and even being more social. However, what about those who were born with two “left feet” but who love to shake their body when the music starts? What about those that don’t know how to match the rhythm of the song with the cool movements of their body? What about those that like to dance but are too shy to try? If that is you, well, I might have good news for you, dancing is for everyone and I believe that you too should include such a healthy and fun activity in your routine.

” Take more chances, Dance more dances”


How to Build Dancing Confidence?

Yes, that is right. Dance is also for you! However, in order to dance, you will need a boost of dancing confidence. So, the important question is how do you build up that confidence if you don’t know how to dance? Well, that right there, is the common problem that most people face and the reason why they never even try. In fact, some people deterred from even trying by the mere thought of how ridiculous they will look in the first few classes. However, in order to break that problem, you will need a mirror. Yes, a mirror and music of course. Play music and dance in front of the mirror. You don’t need to record yourself. Only to enjoy that moment with yourself. The moment that YOU and only YOU feel comfortable seeing yourself dancing and having fun by yourself, that is when you will be able to enjoy and have a fun time in a class or at a party.

Dancing Confidence Writing
Author: Gabriela Rodriguez

This also applies for specific types of dance classes. If you would like to improve or become an advanced dancer in a certain style, you need to accept yourself and your dancing level before being ready to learn. Dancers tend to have a large ego, especially in the professional world and that is not a good thing. When we inflate our ego, there is no room to learn or improve anymore.

Gabriela Rodriguez ready for performance routine
Author: Gabriela Rodriguez

Dance as Part of your Inner self

As you can imagine dancing is more than a physical type of skill. It actually comes from within. Everyone can learn how to dance. The trick is to build up the (dancing) confidence to start. Once you start improving and being proud of yourself while you are in the beginner or intermediate level, the confidence will be set based on your personal transformation and your own effort (not from outside! That is a dangerous way to build confidence, as you invite ego!) and then you will be able to practice either to maintain your activity (fitness, cardio, for fun) or to become an advanced dancer.

If you really enjoy moving and shaking, build up your confidence, accept your dance in the mirror and enjoy each movement by yourself. Dancing on your own is still much better than not dancing at all. Start today and let me know how it goes!


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