Seattle Hidden Gems. Ideas where to go in Seattle

Moving to a new city during a pandemic is not what people usually expect. Usually, the first steps towards exploring the new city are to visit the most iconic places, famous restaurants and of course, the streets nearby the new residence / address. However, during pandemic times, usually what is accessible or recommendable is to explore the city by foot only browsing what is around. The new city that I will be talking about is Seattle.

By the time my husband, Alon, and I moved to Seattle last April, we did not want to go to restaurants (we are still skeptical), nor tourist areas in order to avoid crowded areas due to COVID 19.  Therefore, going to groceries was our weekly date. In addition, long strolls were our second choice. However, by summer we changed the stroll to e-scooting around! So much fun.

All the fun going out exploring was soon taken away by winter. The days grew shorter, and it was so dark after work that the walks started to become shorter as well. Due to the cold, e-scooting around was also not preferred. We stayed inside most of the time and only walked around during sunny days and when it was strictly necessary – neither Alon nor I, like the cold.

Seattle Hidden Gems : Caffe Ladro

Last Saturday, my husband and I decided to explore the “Queen Ann” neighborhood following a banking appointment earlier that day. We decided that our first stop was going to be Caffe Ladro, a well know cafeteria in the neighborhood. It was very busy, but the atmosphere was very nice. The setting was cozy, and the staff was very friendly. I could notice that the place had recurring customers as the staff greeted them by name. We sat and spent a wonderful time browsing inside the space and listening to the perfect playlist for a Saturday brunch as we sipped our lattes.

Alon at the Caffe Ladro awaiting for our lattes.

Seattle Hidden Gems: Royal Records

Entrance at the Royal Records Store. Where cassettes are displayed

Once we went out, I spotted a music store full of old cassettes and vinyl records called Royal Records. I found the idea of such a store amusing and therefore we headed there next. My husband owns a digital record player, so he was not surprised by the store’s existence. However, for me it was a new world.  The store was amazing. You could spend several hours there! In fact, the shelf in the middle back of the store, opens up to a hidden space! Like a hidden passage in a spy novel! So cool, isn’t it?

Inside of the Royal Records Store. CDs in display

Seattle Hidden Gems: Mercer Street Bookstore

Mercer Street Bookstore

After that we made our way towards Mercer Street and I discovered what is now my favorite spot in Seattle: The mercer street bookstore. It is a paradise for readers. Inside, the bookshelves are perfectly organized by category, of which there were many, and also the decorations were very delicate. Plants were placed on top of the bookshelves giving a nice touch to the place. The music was very inviting. Once you enter you must halt, and they will sanitize your hands before allowing you to continue into the store. The book collection is very broad. They also buy used books.

Inside of Mercer Street Bookstore

Seattle Hidden Gems: Agave Cocina & Tequilas

After that, we headed out to Agave Cocina & Tequilas to grab lunch – it was 4pm already. The restaurant was empty and had plenty of space. The food was delicious, the music was 100% great! We also ordered an “Agave Margarita Mango” which was exquisite.

Agave Margarita Mango at Agave Conina & Tequilas

Alon and I headed back home happy and satisfied as we explored new places and found little hidden gems in Seattle that tend to not be that famous but are incredible nonetheless!  


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