Stroll Day in Victoria, BC: Where to go in a day?

When my husband, Alon, and I went to Victoria a few weeks ago, we had so much fun strolling. It was freezing and the temperature wasn’t that pleasant. However, due to our walking/strolling we could warm up and enjoy a very fun day in Victoria, BC. Do you want to know our suggestions? Keep reading!

Downtown Victoria

Victoria island is one of the most beautiful places in British Columbia, Canada. If you staying in downtown, you can start your stroll browsing the multiple stores and head towards the waterfront area as Alon and I did. Some of the stores are very popular and other are local. Victoria’s downtown is super clean and safe. Even though it was very cold when we went, we enjoyed going around. Also, the multiple streets towards the waterfront area offer a wonderful view when looking around in the downtown area.

One of the many stores we visited at the Downtown in Victoria was Munro’s Books. I loved this beautiful space, it was so well organized and elegant. It offers a good variety of books and small cute gifts ideas. The personnel is also amazing. Alon and I are bookstores and libraries lovers so each time we go to a new place we have to visit the library or a bookstore at least.

Victoria Waterfront

Once we got to the waterfront is so nice to admire the scenery. Different boats are parked in the water and if the weather is nice you will get a natural (and very well needed) vitamin C directly from the sun. Opposite to the waterfront area is located the Fairmont Empress Hotel known by his structure that looks like a Castle. It is also a National Historic Site. After passing the such hotel, we headed towards the parliament where usually you will admire the beautiful garden and horses on the street.

View of waterfront, BC harbor. Photo by Gabriela

Beacon Hill Park

After viewing the the waterfront area, Alon and I headed to the Beacon Hill Park. It is is not far from the Parliament only 15 min south. I was impressed by the amount of birds that you can find there even peacocks! The ecosystem between ducks, seagulls, geez and peacocks makes this park an interesting place by getting just seated and enjoy them co-existing. In addition, the beautiful views of the small lake and greenery creates a nice relaxing place to jog or to relax.

After all our walking, Alon and I ended up at the Cactus Club in the Downtown Area for a very well deserved meal. It was a very fun day!

What is your favorite place to visit in Victoria? Let me know in the comments!

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