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Terry Fallis – Canadian Writer

I have decided to create this post regarding one of my favorites novelists. If you want a good laugh I highly recommend you to read Terry Fallis books. This Canadian writer’s narrative is smooth, fun and easy. In addition, he will submerge you in amazing adventures with unimaginable main topics .

About Terry Fallis

As per the website https://terryfallis.com: The Canadian author was born in Ottawa in 1959. He studied Engineering at McMaster University. However, since student he felt his passion for politics. He was elected as President of the Student Union when he was at university. Since then and after obtaining his engineering degree, he dedicated to politics and working different roles supporting the Liberal government.

Terry Fallis has won two Stephen Leacock Medals for Humor and a Libris Award for the Author of the Year given by the Canadian Booksellers Association. He had written eight novels in total. For more information about his biography you can visit his website at https://terryfallis.com.

No relation

No relation Cover book
Image by https://terryfallis.com

No relation by Terry Fallis a three day reading where all you would do is laugh! This book is about a frustrated writer who’s name is the main topic of the novel (I don’t want to spoil it to you). However, the novel is about people who had names that are inconvenient for their life. For example, there is a character who’s name is Tina Turner and that she looks like her and on top of that she loves to sing! However, she doesn’t want to be famous because her relation with the “original” Tina Turner. That is the main topic of the novel and the reason why its name: “No relation” as the names of the character do not have any relation with their previous famous name’s holders. Definitely a good one to read for laugh and fun!

Two Poles Apart

Poles Apart novel Cover
Image by https://terryfallis.com

This is a novel that is about a young man that is extremely feminist. Therefore, he decided to created a blog about it. However, the drama is about this ironic case on how a man can lead a feminist movement? Definitely, Terry Fallis was very creative with this novel. However, through this irony, Fallis also communicated a wonderful message of union and closeness.

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