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About Me

Hello! Welcome to Gabi’s Lifestyle and the “About me” section!

I am Gabriela, the founder of this beautiful website and here some fun facts about me. I have designed this space to share with you my random experiences that I have in life with the purpose of trying to improve yours and to share common hobbies! As a very curious person, I love to embrace change and try various things from learning new hobbies, cooking all sorts of recipes, reading any style of book and of course travelling!! In addition, I love to dance and to study. As you can see, there is a lot about me and hobbies that I want to share.

My way to see life is that each person has different stories and those stories are what makes us unique! The more stories you know, the more compassionate you become. Just putting yourself in other people’s shoes makes you to experience life more vividly and therefore, makes you more aware of the world we live in. That is the reason I have decided to create this website so I can share some stories that have taught me insightful lessons.

I was born in Venezuela, moved to British Columbia – Canada and currently live in Washington – USA; I didn’t know that life will take me so far! Still, I keep my adventurous spirit and welcome every experience in life so I can either enjoy or learn from it! Since I moved, I have learn that changes make people to get out of their comfort zone so life gets better. Sometimes life’s upgrade is not immediate but at some point it is. So let’s embrace change and not fear from it.

Please comment on my posts and let me know your point of view/stories

Hope you enjoy and have fun!!